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Diesel/Electric Forklift Maintenance During Season Changing


Since the burning summer has gone, the temperature becomes lower and lower. The maintenance shows particularly importance of forklift performance in those changeover period. For proper maintenance of your vehicle, some tips need to be paid attention.

1. Surface Maintenance

The dew fallen in the night usually make the forklift humid. Any scratch should be repaint timely to avoid rust. Rain and the strong light in summer will cause oxidation to some extent. Therefore, comprehensive cleaning and paint spray job are highly recommended.

2. Tire Maintenance

Tire plays an important role in driving safety. Regular check of tire pressure is essential. Hyperbaric tire probably cause explosion. However, the lower pressure is also not good, that usually happened in cold seasons. Keep it at a certain range as required. Besides, tire inclusions and scratches are also key elements of the checklist. Rubber usually easily get hard and fragile in winter. Any scratch could be a break point of tire burst caused by tough or sharp things from inside or outside.

3. Engine Nacelle Maintenance

Check engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze fluid whether they are enough and make sure they are all OK for the operation. Those liquid are the blood of a vehicle and get changed regularly.

4. Brake System Maintenance

The temperature varies widely from day to night in Autumn, that probably causes expansion and contraction deformation of vehicle parts. Check and test the brake, make sure the performance dose function well, without off tracking, force reduction, etc.

If the forklift is equipped with fan or heater, it is time to test and maintenance those related parts, strengthen the aging electrical and line maintenance, as well as air outlet. Nip the problem right in the bud.

5. Air-inlet grille Maintenance

Clean the impurities from air-inlet grille, through compressed air if necessary.

Rinse the air-inlet by hydraulic gun from inside to outside when the engine totally cools down.

6. Air Conditioner Maintenance

If your forklift is equipped with an Air conditioner, it is probably overloaded after a long summer. And the humid climate also can make the condenser get rusted quicker. In order not to shorten the life of it, regular maintenance is essential.

7. Battery Maintenance

The electrode is the most vulnerable parts. Oxide on the connections will cause battery drains, even the permanent damage. Keep it clean.

8. Driving Cab Maintenance

Clean the cab timely, keep the things like dust out of instruments and other precision components. For the vehicle equipped with a cab, windows should be opened regularly to make the fresh air in.

9. Underpan Maintenance

The underpan of a vehicle is the most often overlooked maintenance step. Only when the oil leak and deformation happened can the problems of underpan get noticed. Don`t miss it when you perform a check and maintenance of your forklift. In addition, door spindle and guide rail eroded by wind, water or other agents will also be easily rusted that may produce noise. Such problems can be addressed by coating rust-proof grease on the surface.



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